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3CX Online Administrator Course

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3CX Online Administrator Course

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The 3CX Online Administrator Course allows you to go deeper in your knowledge of 3CX. This course provides you the skills to get  through problems and be able to configurate advanced features of your 3CX Phone System.

The online sessions are theorical and practical . You could ask questions to the teacher during the online sessions or after them via mail.  All the sessions are recorded, therefore the student can watch them back if he has missed any session.



3CX Online Administrator course 3cx

Date: from 11th - 21th December 2017

Schedule: 10:30h - 12:00h (EST),


Course in Spanish.

This advanced course allows you to get in deep 3CX, and be able to integrate this solution in many situations, and get enough knowledge to be able to pass Official 3CX certification from a long experience teacher and well know Antonio Luis Porcuna.

This course is theorical-practical with online sessions ,and teacher reached by phone and email during course duration. All sessions are recorded and student could play them back if he missed some during course duration.

You can ask teacher using email or phone during course duration

This course is targeted at users, administrators and professionals who want to specialize in VoIP PBX for Windows 3CX Phone System ™.

    From your home or office
    Follow-up by teacher
    A 3CX PBX for student.
    Access to course documentation
    Support for students during course by phone or email

3CX Administrator diplome when course is completed

In live Online webminars that also are recorder for later review by students.

Students could access using PC or MAC. Teacher will explain in live contents and help students doing some practical exercises in line. >Students could watch, listend and interact during class. Webminars that also are recorder for later review by students.

Duration : 2 week.

Up to 8 online clasess (webinar), 1,5 hours each

(*) It depends on teacher and students, classes duration would be changed to help students during that.


Módulo 0 – Módulo de Repaso

Hardware, Software e Instalación.
Proveedores VoIP.
WebMeeting a Extensiones.
Llamadas Entrantes.
Llamadas Salientes.
Estado y Copias de Seguridad.

Módulo 1 - Aprovisionamiento

Introducción al Aprovisionamiento de Terminales. 
Aprovisionamiento de 3CX Phone. 
Aprovisionamiento de terminales con DHCP. 
Aprovisionamiento de terminales con PnP. 
Aprovisionamiento avanzado: Editando plantillas.
Firmware de Terminales.

Módulo 2 - Conexiones Remotas con 3CX

Túnel 3CX.
3CX SBC: Session Border Controller.
Extensiones Remotas.
Puentes 3CX.
Monitorización Remota  con puentes 3CX.
Llamando a Extensiones Remotas.

Módulo 3 – 3CX y la Nube. Otras Opciones

3CX Web Meeting.
3CX en la Nube.
3CX Cloud Server
Opciones avanzadas de Configuración para SIP Trunks
Usando el buzón de voz para llamar al Exterior.

Módulo 4  – Directorios, Wireshark y Líneas

Sistema de Directorios de 3CX.
Wireshark: Instalación y consejos para depuración.
Líneas analógicas: Sus problemas y posible resolución.

Módulo 5 – Módulo Hotel

Módulo Hotel para 3CX

Módulo 6 – Introducción al Protocolo SIP

Introducción a SIP
Mensajes SIP
Peticiones SIP
Respuestas SIP
INVITE SIP: Cabeceras
Flujo de paquetes SIP en llamadas

Módulo 7 – Ajustes y Seguridad

Ajustes generales de 3CX.
Firewall Checker.
Personalizando plantillas de correo en 3CX.
Seguridad en 3CX.
Listado de Puertos en 3CX.
Dudas y Preguntas del Curso

    Una vez finalizado el curso satisfactoriamente podrá administrar y usar su windows 3CX Phone System así como las comunicaciones unificadas.



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3CX Online Administrator Course