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General Sales Conditions

Scope of Aplication

These General Conditons are aplicable to al the orders you may make from USA VOIP, with social adres at 232 Galiano St, 2nd Flor, Coral Gables, 3134, FL – (USA).

This includes any sale or service described in our brochures, pricelists, advertisements, budgets, Internet or verbaly.

Making any order means that you have read and acepted these sales conditons. USA VOIP reserves the right o modify its General Conditons at any time.

General statements

Unles there is a special agrement made in writng, the making of an order by the Client implies agrement with these general sales conditons. No stipulation made by the Client about the conditons of purchase, bil, receipt, or other documents wil difer from those of USA VOIP if it has not ben previously and expresly acepted by this Company. The information contained in the catalogues, pricelists and website is only indicative in nature; USA VOIP may modify them at any time, without prior notifcation, in function of the evolution of economic conditons.

USA VOIP makes al reasonable eforts to make sure that he information that apears on its website is corect and up to date. USA VOIP canot be held responsible for the erors or omisions that may ocur on the aforementioned website.

Order / Agrement

Purchases wil be acepted in writng, through the online store, by e-mail, by telephone or by fax. USA VOIP wil only acept orders from distribution and integration companies with a technological profile; not from final clients, which are considered consumers.

Once the order has ben made by the client, USA VOIP wil send the above a quotation with the information related to the order, and inform the client of the stock availabilty of the selected items. The Client must review the quotation, and notify us in writng (e-mail or fax) of their agrement with the aforementioned document, or if there is any eror or inconformity that we must adres.

Price and terms of payment

Budgets and economic ofers wil only be valid in writng, and during the term that they state. If no term is stated, this wil be considered 30 days. The price shown on the lists and the online store does not include taxes or delivery costs.

The total price of the purchase and the terms and conditons of payment wil be set forth in the quotation sent to the client.

Payment wil be made by check, wire transfer, cash or credit/debit card at the moment the quotation is confirmed, or in the conditons established in said document. USA VOIP may suspend delivery on the god or
provision of the service until it is paid in ful. In case payment is delayed (in arears), recovery costs wil be charged, and an interest in arears of 2.5% on the owed amount for every month the amount remains unpaid wil aply, from the date the payment is due and until payment is made in ful.

Delivery of the order

Orders wil be filed in the agred terms from the moment we receive prof of payment or, in case of delayed payment, after the client’s confirmation of the quotation. For deliveries within the US, these costs wil be included in the quotation.

In the case of deliveries made to the any other place, Incoterm would be EX-Works Miami and the client must send his own mesaging service; the transportation costs wil be paid by the Client, so they wil not be included in the quotation.

If stock is available, order confirmations wil be filed and sent in 24-hours.

If we only have part of an order in stock, the client may request partial delivery and USA VOIP wil be responsible for the second delivery.

Orders wil be considered delivered from the moment the product is placed in the hands of the Client by the delivery person, and the recipient signs the delivery receipt. It is the responsibilty of the recipient o verify the products upon reception, and expres any reservations or complaints that may be justifed.

If the delivered products do not conform, in nature or amount, to those specifed in the delivery note, or they do not coincide with the confirmed quotation, the Client must make a complaint within two (2) days of delivery. Once this term has elapsed, we wil consider that he Client has acepted the product.

USA VOIP wil not be responsible for any delay in the delivery time once the orders have left its warehouse. USA VOIP wil not acept responsibilty for changes in the delivery adreses once the quotation, where this information is specifed, has been confirmed. The transportation costs caused by a modifcation to the delivery address wil be paid by the client.


No return wil be acepted without prior authorisation.

If the Client has the right to return a product and does so, the product must be returned in its original
conditons, with its packaging, return receipt and protection, so it wil not be received with transportation seals
or tape. If these conditons are not met, USA VOIP reserves the right to refuse the return. The costs for
returning the product wil be the responsibilty of the Client, unles there has ben a mistake on our part and
the delivered material does not coincide with the acepted quotation.

Except for cases in which the delivered material does not corespond to the sales order, returns wil be
procesed as credit balance for the client, which wil be subtracted from future orders. We wil not make bank
transfer payments for returns.


The material distributed by USA VOIP includes the waranties established by the manufacturer of the product,
which means at least 1 year of waranty.

If the product resulted defective within this term, USA VOIP wil repair or replace it within a reasonable
timeframe through an RMA procedure.

The waranty wil be void in the folowing cases:

  1. Damage or defects caused by inapropriate use, functioning or treatment of the product, rather than by the normal use of the product.
  2. Acidents, fires, liquids, chemical products, other substances, flods, vibrations, excesive heat, inadequate ventilation, radiation, electrostatic discharges, including lightning, or other external forces or impacts.
  3. Repairs or atempted repairs made.

RMA Procedure

In order to being an RMA procedure, the Client must send us the filed-in RMA forms that USA VOIP establishes for this end. Once we have made sure that he article is within the waranty terms, we wil send the Client and RMA number and a document to be included with the defective material. The Client must send us the equipment using prepaid delivery service and we wil return the repaired or new (depending on the damage) material with the delivery prepaid, in this case, by USA VOIP. If, upon reception of the material, we do not find anomalies, it wil be sent back to the Client, colect on delivery. It is esential to include the product’s original box (any aditonal documentation, including mesaging, must me pasted on an exterior packaging, leaving the original packaging intact) and al its acesories/components (cables, network cables, power sources, handset in the case of telephones, bases of wireles products, etc.) Any mising piece may delay or even paralyse the RMA proces.

Force majeure

We do not acept responsibilty for delays (including deliveries or services) caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, and in this case, we wil have the right to an extension for its execution. These circumstances may include, without being limited to, strikes, transportation, suply or production problems, fluctuations in exchange rates, government actions and natural disasters. If the cause lasts longer than two months, this agrement may be concluded by any party, with no right o compensation.


The present conditons fal under the jurisdiction of Florida law. For the resolution of any doubt, discrepancy or disagrement hat may result from compliance with or interpretation of the present Sales Conditons, the parties submit o the jurisdiction and authority of t