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Technology advances rapidly and one of its main banners is videoconferencing.
With the invention of the telephone communication became global and real time, then came the cell phone and this also turns it into a portable, then with the insertion of the Internet communication became audio visual and became to be present everywhere.
This is how the video conference arrives, according to a survey of “New Global Survey” conducted by Wainhouse Research with the name of “End-User Survey: The Real Benefit of Video” (End User Survey: the real benefits of videoconferencing) .
Video Conference increases efficiency or productivity by 94%, followed by the impact on meetings 88% and accelerates decision making by 87%.
Its use is more than all business, it is mostly used for client – partner meetings, but currently it is increasing in the area of ​​human resources, for conducting interviews, for remote employees. Videoconferencing is changing the entire working environment and the way of working in the world.
We have attended the presentation of the new videoconferencing equipment Grandstream the GVC3210, Grandstream achieved with this new device enter the market of small and medium enterprises that can not acquire a high-cost videoconferencing system, maintaining a high-quality system . Its manipulation is really simple and works with many platforms based on SIP, it is based on Android so you can download applications from the Google Play Store.
The audio solution that it has is state-of-the-art because it blocks the background noise and enhances the audio of the speakers, it has 4 microphones and a CMOS sensor of 16 mega pixels (4K) which gives an incredible quality of video.
It has a lens that gives a visual field of 90 °, and ePTZ the GVC3210 for being a camera of such high quality allows to simulate a motorized camera with movement and zoom without losing video quality.
Handles levels of users, QoS, has 2 HDMI outputs, 1 HDMI input, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi dual band 2.4gHz and 5GHz, all this in a compact computer.
We have been really impressed with the versatility of this new device, which you can buy from our online store by clicking here.
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