Cloud PBX with 3CX - USA VOIP

As we talked in a previous post of our blog, IP Telephony is one that transmits the voice over the internet protocol.
With the advancement of technology, now the large Internet service providers, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have realized that through their network they can also provide telephony services, thus providing access to to what we know as telephony in the cloud.

The cloud, is a paradigm that allows to offer technological services through a network, which is usually the internet.
Great advantages can be found in this model, as it can be accessed from any place where we have internet, being based on software solutions and data transmission integrates a number of additives  such as voicemail, collaboration tools, video communication, call management, among others to encompass what we call unified communications.

This service can be implemented through a software application installed on a virtual server, as is the case of our CLOUD PBX service, a solution based on our 3CX PBX flagship product that allows you to have a telephone exchange that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. world with internet connection, with a service with high levels of security and availability.

With Cloud PBX from USA VOIP based on the 3CX solution, there is no need to worry about installation or maintenance of the telephone exchange, which is what we call a plug and play solution.

This type of solutions allows you to obtain benefits in terms of, reduction of costs in the telephone bill, unified communications, integration with CRM, integration with Click2Call , increase productivity of its agents, among many others.

We invite you to evaluate our solution with 3CX, you can make the purchase directly from our website.

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